personal injury claims

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 People suffer injury in a number of different ways. However, the effect of the typical slip and fall case and, say, a motor vehicle accident is very much the same: personal injury. 

Due to numerous and frequent changes to Ontario's Insurance Act, motor vehicle accidents are perhaps the most misunderstood and complex type of personal injury claim. Since the introduction of Bill 68 in June 1990, Ontario has adopted a no-fault system with respect to motor vehicle accident claims. Bill 68 has since been amended by Bill 159 in January 1994, and by Bill 159 as of November 1996, and most recently by Ontario Regulation 34/10, effective as of September, 2010, and as amended since.

Ontario's no-fault system refers to the fact that persons (and Family Law Act claimants) injured as a result of ownership, use or operation of a motor vehicle, can only bring an action against a third party under certain circumstances. In most cases, compensation is limited to that which is obtainable from the injured person's own insurance company. 

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