Canadian immigration

Immigration Simplified

Canada has been selected as one of the finest places to live in the world. Comparatively speaking, Canadians enjoy many employment and business opportunities which require greater numbers of skilled workers and business people to meet the demand. According to official government forecasts, more than one million immigrants will enter Canada within the next few years. 

In Canada there are four (4) categories of immigrants:

  1. Family Class (closely related persons of Canadian Residents)
  2. Economic Immigrants (skilled workers, businesspeople, and seasonal workers)
  3. Refugees (people who are escaping persecution, torture, or cruel and unusual punishment)
  4. Humanitarian & Other (people accepted on humanitarian or compassionate grounds)

Our Services:

Recognizing the complexity of the Canadian immigration system, our lawyers can provide the expertise in this area of immigration law to assist applicants to present the most impressive application to Canadian immigration officials as possible. At Paradiso & Associates, we do not see your application as a mere scorecard, where our role is to simply increase your total points. Instead, we attempt to reflect your genuine potential as a productive Canadian. 

We will provide a preliminary evaluation of your case free of charge upon request.