Our Legal Services

Our Priorities

At  Paradiso & Associates, the practice of law is a way of life that is centered on service to all members of the community - the affluent as well as the less fortunate, the young as well as the advanced in age, the highly educated as well as the mentally challenged.

Our lawyers never forget that behind each file there is a person who deserves our personal care and attention.

 We are committed to delivering our legal services to each person with warmth, excellence, and integrity. We are dedicated to maintain as priorities in our personal lives:  

  • Love for God
  • Love for One's Family
  • Service to Society (Our Work)

Avvocati - Notai

 At Paradiso & Associates, all our legal services are offered in both English & Italian.

Lo Studio Legale Paradiso & Associates serve la propria clientela in Inglese et Italiano. 

Our Legacy of Success

Paradiso & Associates has built a reputation of expertise, with cases that have been appealed as high as the Supreme Court of Canada, and cases that have been published in Canada's legal case report.

We have served our clients locally and internationally for over 45 years. 

joseph paradiso

Over 45 years in practice

A graduate of the University of Toronto in Economics and Political Science, and of the University of New Brunswick Law School, Joseph was called to the bar in 1973. He has practiced Law in a multitude of areas for over 45 years, has tried civil and criminal, jury and non-jury cases, and achieved 7 figure settlements in personal injury settlements.